Meet Moses, our Icelandic wether pet. As you can see,
Moses is a sweet, friendly wether that has become our farm
mascot. He greets everybody enthusiastically and follows us
all around like a puppy. He is perfect addition to our farm
now that we are doing our farm tour days because he walks
on a leash and let's children and adults hug and pet him. He
is a perfect ambassador for the breed and for making the
case that some ram lambs can make great pets if they are
wethered - especially bottle lambs.
Moses is shown above with his mom and sister shortly
after birth. Unfortunately Moses was born 1/2 the size of
his sister, and because his mother delivered him while
standing up -- she didn't even realize that she had him!
Therefore when he started to get up and approach her
she didn't know who he was. This is not good for lambs
because if mom doesn't know who you are, then she
won't take care of you! I tried to bond Moses to his
dam, but she refused to let him nurse unless I was holding
her. The reason he is named Moses is because when I
checked on him later in the day, he was floating in the 5
gallon water bucket. Mom had tossed him right into the
water.. Sigh. Thankfully we had frozen colostrum and
sheep milk in the freezer so we could start him on a
bottle. Papa Willie took over "nursing" Moses for about
a week and then he went to live with my friend Vicky.
Vicky thought of the name Moses for him because he
was saved from the water, after his mother put him there,
just like the Biblical Moses.  Vicky did a great job raising
Moses, as you can see by his photos here, when he is
shown at 10 months. Moses came back to live at our
farm in mid-winter 2009 and we enjoy him immensely.
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Moses is also proving to be a protective "leader" in the flock
(even though he doesn't have any "technical" leadersheep
genetics. One day two of the dogs got in with the sheep and
decided it was time to "herd" them. Well, Moses thought
differently and he ran right at the dogs, who turned heel and
ran right out of the pasture, with Moses in hot pursuit!