Lavender Fleece Pottery Studio
-- under construction - literally!
After considering many options for the pottery
studio, including adding on to the original
"studio," we decided to convert an old stand
alone garage into the studio. So Papa Willie
started by taking off the two garage doors and
framing in a doorway and windows. With the
help of a family friend, Paul, and our
electrician Chad and his helper, Bob, and
Daryl's help on the weekends, the studio is
quickly shaping up! We are very excited by the
progress and I will chronicle it with photos here
on this page
. You'll see the continuing progress
as the page grows.
Finally in mid-June, after the floor was resurfaced and painted, I started to move furniture in. I had some bisqued bowls left over
from winter work, so even did some glazing now. We still have two windows to frame in and the sink and water heater, etc. still
need to be finished. But, I hope to be working on the wheel next week while the girls are at riding camp The two piece orange
spoon carved hutch will be put together after we finish construction in the far right corner.
And finally I was able to begin working in the pottery studio; I fired the first bisque and
glaze firings in July 2009.
Mid September, finally had a chance to finish painting the outside. The front view is
above and the side view is below. It was fun to pick out the colors ... with lots of help
from Kate...thanks Kate!