Icelandic Sheep
for Sale
We are looking forward to our spring 2017 lambs.
Pre-reservations - with a deposit
(and receive a discount!)
are available on a first come basis.
Email or phone 989-832-4908.
For your peace of mind - All of the sheep we have listed for sale as registered
stock will be registered with the CLRC.
When you purchase from us, you are assured that your ewe
is registered
by the time your sheep are at your farm, and you will receive the signed original pedigree ready
for you to transfer into your own name. Completion of this paperwork is your responsibility - please do not
lose your pedigrees that you receive -- get those papers sent to CLRC as soon as you receive them!!
Please Note: Rams may or may not be registered at the time of sale; if you purchase them as registered, rest
assured that this will be completed immediately upon the ram leaving our farm.
Some Rams may sometimes be offered without papers. I will still register
them but will hold the papers in my name. If you ever decide you want to have your ram registered, you
would then need to purchase the paperwork with the remaining balance due (to be mutually agreed upon),
and the registration/pedigree would be transferred to your name. This is a great way for those on a budget to
get started with Icelandic sheep.
No other sales prices or package prices will apply when acquiring the sheep without their papers.
For more information about our flock
email or phone 989/832-4908.
If you are ready to add healthy & productive
Icelandic sheep to your new or existing sheep
flock, contact me to discuss why sheep from
The Lavender Fleece will help you have a
successful and fulfilling shepherding