Icelandic sheep are not perfect and they are not "miracle sheep." They, like all sheep, require a
responsible and knowledgeable shepherdess who can maintain their health and that of their environment
so that it insures maximum health and productivity. The following information aims to give you a clear
and honest expectation from these sheep, which will help you to have a more successful venture with them.

* Icelandic sheep need access to free choice quality minerals and they need extra selenium.
* Icelandic sheep need to be dewormed.
* Icelandic sheep need to be shorn twice a year for the best fleece.
* Icelandic sheep are a medium size breed and because they are shorn twice a year, you will
 not get 8-12 lbs. of wool. You will get maybe 4-5 lbs. of fleece in the fall but if you skirt
 conscientiously, you will only offer to your customer 2-3 lbs. of the best raw fiber. Note that the
 fleeces have low lanolin, so fleeces will yield more fiber after washing than with other breeds.
* Icelandic sheep need access to free choice hay and/or pasture.
* Icelandic sheep are smart and therefore you have to be smart about handling them.
* Icelandic lambs will usually yield 25-30 lbs. of meat (cut & wrapped). I have had some yield up to
 45 lbs. but that is the exception.
* Icelandic sheep are still sheep and require shepherds who are willing to tend to them as they
 would any other livestock -- with a watchful and caring eye.

If you want to raise healthy and productive Icelandic sheep, you need to buy your stock from an
experienced breeder who is willing to mentor you before and after your purchase.
This is what The Lavender Fleece can offer you.
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