Hofshesta Gloi joined our family in December 2003 direct from Iceland. Gloi is a cream dog with a brown nose.
Gloi has a gentle, calm personality that responds wonderfully to people and other animals. He is very intelligent and a joy
to work with. Gloi's Icelandic Registration number is IS07582/03. Gloi is also registered with AKC; his number is
DN05912701. He was born June 6, 2003. You can view one of Gloi's siblings "Kolur" along with photos of his parents
Katur and Skotta, if you
visit this page. Gloi does have one ear that is is "tipped" but to us that is a very minor fault and
fortunately he has not passed that to his offspring. You could not ask for a kinder and gentler dog, and this is a trait that he
passes on to his offspring. He is also very good at herding and he is an absolute joy to have around. We made the hard
decision to have Gloi go live on another sheep farm because it was hard to keep him separated from the females when they
are in heat. Also we are trying not to have too many dogs live with us, and we feel it is healthier to have our dogs live in
family situations that are best for the dogs. We still see Gloi and in fact when he comes to spend a few days visiting, it's
like he never left. He's so easy to be with that he easily transitions between our two families. Both of Gloi's parents are
HD: FRI. Gloi's OFA hip test at two years of age was "Fair" and his elbows normal. His CERF eye exams have been
For Gloi's pedigree please click here. To view some photos of Gloi's offspring visit this page.

We rescued a female Icelandic sheepdog (see photo below) in December of 2003. "Ginger" (Her registered  name is
Chisick Farms Lisa; her AKC-FSS number is DL91037004) joined us also in December of 2003 as a 17 month old. Ginger
now lives with Drew and Jean-Ann Webster where she is the only dog in the family which suits her personality better than
sharing the spotlight with other female dogs. Ginger's OFA hip results are "Good" and her elbows are normal. Her CERF
eye exams have been normal.

To view Ginger's pedigree click here.
For more photos of our Icelandic sheepdogs please
visit this page.
Breed Standard for
Icelandic Sheepdogs
In August 2004, Ginger had a litter of puppies from Gloi. To view her litter, and to see how the puppies grew, click here.

Ginger's 2nd litter was born fall September of 2007.Click here.