If you are looking for a happy and loving dog that lives to please you,
then you need an Icelandic sheepdog!
If you are looking for a long-lived, healthy companion that is gentle with children and other pets, then the rare and
beautiful treasure of Iceland may be just what your family is waiting for.
We believe that the
Icelandic sheepdog is one of the best breeds of dogs in the world and they have been
part of our family since 2002. We believe it is imperative to breed for dogs that retain the calm, gentle, and loving
temperament that they are known for, as well as their innate intelligence and herding ability.
We also want healthy dogs with good conformation.

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We follow Iceland's
Icelandic Sheepdog BREED STANDARDS
Lavandel Kennel
Icelandic Sheepdogs
- to know them is to love them!
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Icelandic sheepdogs from their families.
I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of the families who are giving our puppies
wonderful lives!
ARE ICELANDIC SHEEPDOGS "Guard dogs?" -- While the ISIC
standard describes this breed as a "herding and guard dog," please beware that
they only act as a guard through their barking to warn predators away. They are
not considered a working  breed of "Livestock Guardian Dog" as defined by
ranchers/farmers in the United States. They are too small and too docile to fight
off 4-legged predators. So please do not expect to use this breed to defend
livestock against other dogs, coyotes, wolves, etc.
We are members in good standing of the Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America (ISAA) - the only breed club for
the Icelandic sheepdog that is recognized by the
American Kennel Club. It is the only breed club that is sanctioned by
and the ISIC.
Our Icelandic Sheepdogs
AKC-GR CH Iseyjar Esja
Iseyjar Esja was born in Iceland May 31, 2010.
This is one of the smartest and most confident pups we've loved. She's a long
haired cream with grey and is a very beautifully built, very true "type"
representing the breed well.
Esja's CERF eye exams are normal.
Esja's PennHip results:
.47 (left) and.52 (right); no signs of degenerative joint disease
See Esja's CH show photo here.
Esja earned her AKC Grand Championship in June 2012.
Esja's 2013 litter
Esja's 2015 litter
Esja's 2016 Litter
Lavandels Koltryna
Koltryna is a daughter out of
AKC-CH Lavandels Kyssa
GCH CH Eyjahunda Thorarinn PT
Tryna was born September 6, 2012. She is shown above left at 14 months and
above right at 15 months of age. A lovely and spirited girl, her best friend is our
Sarplaninac, Sadie Belle!