Icelandic Sheep and Selenium
We have been raising Icelandic sheep since 1999. In those years we have discovered
that this breed of sheep has a special need for adequate amounts of selenium in their
mineral. Please note that most standard sheep mineral mixes available on the market
have as little as 20ppm of selenium added. We have found that our sheep do best when
they are on a mineral that has
90ppm of added selenium. We used to buy a selenium
premix and add it to the locally purchased sheep minerals, but found that to be
inadequate for mixing. After some research and doing the "math" I found that I could
purchase sheep mineral from
Pipestone Veterinary Supply that already had 90ppm of
selenium added and ship it in for less than I could buy the local mineral with inadequate
amounts of selenium.

Additionally, because healthy, well fed, Icelandic lambs can grow at very fast rates,
they need some boost of selenium as well. To insure that they have enough selenium to
grow well and not succumb to
White Muscle Disease as summer heat & humidity comes
on, we give our lambs 1/2cc of BoSE (injectable selenium with Vitamin E) that we
purchase from our veterinarian. When the lambs are 6 weeks old and receive their first
CD/T vaccination, they receive an additional 1cc BoSE injection and we monitor them
closely through the summer and they usually receive a 3rd injection of BoSE by the time
they are 10-12 weeks old.