Lavandels SadieBelle
SadieBelle is the daughter of our first Sarplaninac female, Bella
(from Serbia) and Beck, (from Kell Sarplaninacs -- sire Barkley, dam
Leija). SadieBelle was one of nine puppies born in January 2015. We will
chronicle her growth and development here as she becomes part of the
family and farm flock.

SadieBelle actually started to come out of the litter pack when she was
3-4 weeks old and would waddle over to me as I would say her name.
Throughout the pups' growth, she would be always at my feet as I worked
around the studio where the pups were housed (because of the severe
cold which meant they could not be in the barn). She is named after our
first livestock guardian, a Great Pyrenees--our dear old Sadie. She lived
a long 14 years and is still greatly missed; and also named for her
mother, Bella.

She is shown below at nine weeks of age and she has proven she is a
very intelligent puppy and a fast learner. The first day I put her on a
leash, she resisted for a few minutes, and needed a bit of a tug and snow
slide on her belly. Then she decided it was probably easier to walk along
with me. By the next day she was eager to go for walks on leash and then
we in the yard, I put her off the leash and she walked at my feet, keeping
up with me as I called her name. I worked with her for just one session
teaching her to "sit" and after three tries she began to sit on command
and now when she comes up to me, instead of bouncing up and down,
she sits and looks up at me, waiting to see what comes next.
SadieBelle at 13 weeks old, with Koltryna and Mikaela, April 2015.
Below, SadieBelle (standing) and her brother Thor, at 7 months
of age. Sadie and Thor are doing wonderful at learning their job
of guarding farm and flock.