Meet Bella, our Sarplaninac livestock guardian dog
Pronounced "shar pla nee natz"
our beautiful Sarplaninac girl, Bella,
came to us through complete
serendipity in June of 2013.
The Sarplaninac livestock guardian dog
is also known as the Yugoslavian dog.
They are found in the eastern mountain
regions of the area of Yugoslavia,
the Balkans and Serbia.
The breed is known for its loyalty,
intelligence and calmness.
Bella is shown above at 15 months. At top left, she is shown at 8 weeks
of age. At left she is snuggled up to our dear Great Pyrenees, our grand
old Sadie. Because of Sadie's age, we knew it was time to find a
companion for her that would eventually take over the calm yet firm guard
of our flocks of sheep and we are just delighted with Bella's
temperament and intelligence. In fact, when Bella came to us (from
Serbia) in June, we still had a couple of our Icelandic sheepdog puppies
here. Bella immediately decided that her job was to watch over the
puppies and she would stay on guard next to their play pen.
The photo above left is Bella's dam and at right is her sire. Photos are courtesy of Bella's breeder.
Bella is shown above and below at 4 months of age.