Ram Sires at The Lavender Fleece.  We are very proud of the rams that we have gathered here at our farm. We are striving for healthy animals with
excellence of conformation, consistency in lambs thrown, and luxurious fleeces. Our stock represents what we believe to be some of the best of the North American bloodlines
combined with excellent genetics from Iceland.  Follow the links to view the rest of our ram flock. To learn more about how to handle rams on your farm, visit our
behavior/management page.
Ram Statistics: The "average" measurement for a 5 month old ram in Iceland is 82.5 for chest and 19.8 for back; cannon bone is 110 cm. Average weight is 98.9 lbs.
Average measurements for Southram horned rams at 1 1/2 years of age are: 105.2 cm for chest; 25.2 cm for back;  117.5 mm for cannon bone and 189.6 lbs. in weight.
A note about rams: we believe strongly that rams should live with other rams and
not with the ewe flock. If you are starting out with sheep for the first time, we
strongly urge you to purchase at least two rams - or a ram and a wethered
companion - and plan to set up separate housing/paddock/pasture facilities for your
rams. This will insure that you can work amongst and enjoy your ewes and lambs in
safety without having to "look over your shoulder" For the most part Icelandic rams
are friendly and easy to work with
BUTany ram can turn aggressive at any time, and
particularly during breeding season. To this end, we
try to offer special "ram  
packages"* to our customers because we really believe that it is best for the animals
and for the families who buy them, to have rams housed separate from the ewes. For
more information about this please read our page on
ram behavior.
*When purchasing several ewes, and if we have extra rams only. If not, we will work with
you to locate rams or wethers from other farms if we don't have enough rams in a given
PLEASE NOTE: For those who live in northern climates, we no longer advise shearing
Icelandic ram lambs their first fall. The stress of shearing and going into rut, combined
with unpredictable fall/winter temperatures can be too much for some rams to handle. In
Iceland the sheep are housed indoors all winter. It is interesting that here in the United
States we harvest their fleeces in the fall, house them outside in a variety of weather
climates, breed them their first season and expect them to grow and thrive.
Goodbye "Ragnar"
Summer 2012's extended heat & humidity took its toll on our very
much loved and now very much missed, Ragnar.

We have one amazing son of Ragnar in the flock
and he is shown below. Through him
we are able to continue to improve our flock
through Ragnar's genetics combined with
our other great lines
LF546X "Ragnarson"
Black/grey triplet
Combining the genetics of two of our very best and long lived lines!
This ram has Blanche as a granddam, Mjaldur as a grandsire, Patsy Montana as a great granddam and Gwendolyn as his mother!
AI son of Iceland ram Throttur
This really nicely built ram lamb joins the flock August of 2014.
He will add diversity to our ram flock and will complement our ewe lines nicely.
He is shown above at one year of age.