"What beautiful litters Rosie and Belle have been having. It almost makes me sort of wistful that
maybe two (ISDs) just isn't enough!!!! (just kidding) I wanted to share with you a few pictures of
Mischa and Avari since they are one year old tomorrow. They are such incredible dogs and bring
our entire family so much joy every day. Their personalities are so different. Mischa is
consistently very spunky and very active. She would have been a great herder, however we do
have to work on her listening skills since she likes to make her own decisions a lot of the time.
Often we work her out separately from Avari since she is so high energy. She loves to be the
center of attention and is very loveable. Avari is a real sweet lovey-dovey. He loves to cuddle
and get individual attention. He is very content and loves to play with Mischa but often just lets
her have her way because it's easier. Avari really suprises us at times because he is a very fast
runner and can often out run Mischa if he has the desire to do that. He loves the one kitten that
came to us in October. We are so happy that we have them together since Mischa really
motivates Avari and he teaches her to settle down. What a pair!"
"I wanted to let you know that Vinna earned a
HUGE HURRAY yesterday. We had already let the
sheep back on pasture so I was dreading trying to
get them all back in the barn again (for the shearer)
and wasn't sure we would be able to even do it! So, I
took Vinna with me but kept her on the leash. At
first the sheep just stood and looked at us like, "yea,
right, I'm gonna leave this pasture when I just got
here an hour ago" Then I started running towards
them with Vinna and she immediately went into
action, barking and running at them. They scooted
out of there SO fast I couldn't keep up with them!!!
We ran them all the way into the barn and that was
all she wrote. Vinna got LOTS of lovin' and praise
which she loved but wanted to do some more
"because it was so much fun." We were so happy
and thankful she was with us and thrilled she will be
so good at her job! Once the lambs are bigger we
will start doing more work with her. I really don't
think we could have done it without her."
On this page I am going to highlight some correspondences
from families who have given Lavandel puppies wonderful
homes over the past few years. It's easy for me to go "on
and on" about what a wonderful breed the Icelandic
sheepdog is, but I thought people might like to read what
others have to say about living with these dogs, and in
particular ones that have been born here. Above and at left
are "first birthday" photos of a brother & sister
combination who went to live with a wonderful family in
Ontario (Their dam is "Rosie" and their sire is "Gloi"). We
had named the female tricolor "Saga" and the male's name
was "Andvari." His family has nicknamed them Mischa and
Avari respectively. Following is an email from their "mom"
- what I especially liked about this note was the comparison
between the male and the female of the breed.
Some Testimonials
Icelandic Sheepdogs
The note at right is about Lavandels
Vinna, out of Chisick Farms Lisa
(Ginger) and Gloi. Vinna lives on a sheep
farm in Ohio and is about 7 months old at
the time the note was written.
This note is about Lavandels Vinur, after he'd been at his new home for a week:
"Vinur is so darn smart! I think I told you that he watched Cassie and learned to
come over and sit to be petted. Well yesterday we went to the vet and she walked into
the room and he ran over wagging his entire rear end and sat down right in front of
her! I was proud of my baby. He's so smart!!!! He wasn't much of a jumper to begin
with, but now I'm actively teaching him not to jump on people and generously
rewarding him with hugs and kisses when he comes over and sits down. I'm really
impressed with him, and the difference between his attitude and Cassie's is
unbelieveable! (Cassie is an Australian Shepherd). She could care less what we want
her to do; he is all about "What do you want? What can I do to make you happy?
Anything you want..." He's doing really well with the crate. He now goes to bed at
night pretty much complaint free. He woke up at 4:30 this morning and Adam took
him out, then put him right back in the crate to go back to bed and I think I heard two
whines and that was it. He knows that is where he sleeps at night and it's all night and
we'll let him out to go to the bathroom but that is it until we get up in the morning. He
adapted so quickly... another thing Adam is really impressed with. His face is so
incredibly expressive, and those eyes! You can just see the brain working behind there
when you look in his eyes. And he's such a happy puppy. He is so well loved. I'm so
glad we got him and I think Adam is actually glad I talked him into another dog.
Cassie seems pretty happy about it too and now she has someone to play with. I had a
chocolate lab who was the perfect dog. She would do anything I wanted her to do and
adapted to anything I asked of her. I've been wanting another dog like Bailey and I
think Vinur is going to be that exactly. (I've already got plans for the "retirement
dog." You know, the dog that replaces your kids and goes everywhere with you, never
leaves your side, becomes the kid you always wanted but never had...the one who
follows directions! Now that's where you want a Rosie. The dog that only wants you
and loves you forever but is independent enough that she can live without constant
attention. Yep, the retirement dog is going to be a female ISD...maybe one of Rosie's
great-great-great granddaughters!)
The following note is about Lavandels Vorros (a.k.a.
Kweeba) who had been at her new home (on a farm in
Oklahoma) for about a week:
"And I have already decided that come time to get another
dog, t'will be an Icie for me. Did I tell you the litlte ditty that
Wayne sings to her? "Kweeba, Kweeba, she's the Queen of
Sheba." Does my heart good to see him wrapped up in a girl
of his own. She tries to climb in the bath with him at night --
the hilarity that ensues has me in stitches. She's absolutely
super around the current livestock. She tries to lick Ms.
M-ah's snout (the pig who is getting bigger and bigger as the
days pass -- she's due any day I think), and she (the pig) is not
too sure what to do about that -- she has decided that
Kweeba is different so she's willing to be friends. Kweeba has
also had a very calming affect on the boys (the other dogs),
especially Sug -- he's far less combative with Rogue and not
as fixated on the livestock. Kweeba is game, bold, brave,
gives as good as she gets andis responsive. Wayne had her in
his arms while I was busy feeding and watering the birds last
night, and she was calm as could be. I think I may let her sniff
one of the goslings when I pick it up and see how she does on
the ground with the little ones."
Lavandels Gunnar lives on a sheep farm in the
Pacific Northwest. His "mom" wrote:
"I've been meaning to write to you about Gunnar. He
is such a little joy. I have always noticed that he loves
music, but the way he expresses it is becoming more
and more engenius. He wags his tail in time to music!
All kinds of music. And on some songs that he likes
(when I play the piano), he will go find his squeaky
toy, and squeak in time to the song. He especially likes
"Let it Be." Can you believe it? I put on some Scott
Joplin the other day and he just loved it. He got his
toys and started throwing them around and playing.
He just loves the music... everyone gets a kick out of
him wagging his tail in time to the music."
Vinur is shown above right with his sister Elsa at
8 months of age, when Vinur came for a visit.