Yarn Bowls....
...now you can knit in peace, without having your yarn
travel around the room!
My yarn bowls and
yarn vases are designed
so that you can see your
beautiful yarn while you
knit. Because they contain
the yarn and have a
small hole in the side,
near the bottom, you can
pull the yarn through and
knit  without your ball of
yarn falling off the chair
or table and rolling
around the room! I've
had people especially
happy to have a yarn
bowl because their cats
tend to knock down and
chase the yarn when it
isn't contained. I've also
enjoyed hearing about the
prior solutions people
used to contain their yarn
before they got their yarn
bowl from me. One
knitter put hers in a
plastic bag and another
put hers in a tin can -- I
personally had used a
canning jar in the past!
So indulge your love of
handmade pottery and
knitting by getting a yarn
bowl or vase from The
Lavender Fleece!
(Note: the taller yarn
vases also can hold your
knitting needles or your
All of these yarn bowls are sold, but I am leaving
them up as examples of some of the styles that
have been done. Please
contact me for current