Handwarming Mugs
Introducing my own signature line of mugs with a "curved handle" that wraps
around the mug and allows your hands to cradle the mug. I developed this style of
handle after watching Fiona "hug" her mug of hot cocoa one cold winter day. I
realized that most of us like to wrap our hands around a mug of coffee, tea or
cocoa, and use it not only for drinking, but also for warming our cold hands.
"Traditional" style handles are also available.
Turquoise &
Pricing: Mugs on this page are $18 each and matching bowls are $15
each. You may purchase a mug with its matching bowl for $28, a
savings of $5. Bowls are multiple purpose bowls,just the right size for
either cereal, soup, ice cream, salad... or whatever! The bowls are
roughly 5 1/2" wide to about 2 1/2" in tall, with some variation because
they are handmade.