Milk Pans... interest in milking our goats, making cheese and butter, combined with
a lifelong love of antiques and especially early American pottery, led me to
a research of, and fascination with, early Milk Pans.
Milk Pans interpretation

Even if you don't want to
use it to get cream to rise,
my milkpans have many
uses - interpret a milk
pan of your own. For
instance, they are the
perfect size for bulb
forcing; for baking in; for
serving food in;  your
favorite item for dipping;
even for using as an
elegant water/food dish
for your favorite pet!
Milk pans range in size from about 7"-9" in width and vary in height from
about 3 1/2" to 4 1/2". Your choice $40.
This one includes a small matching bowl - think salsa and chips!