During my years as a university student, the emphasis was not on
functional pottery (which was of more interest to me than "art pottery"
or sculpture - how I wish I had heard about Robin Hopper at that
time!). It seemed to me, at the time, that the only way to "make a living"
was to become a teacher. So that's what I did, in a circuitous way.
Art Educator
I spent 4 years at Eastern Michigan University pursuing a BA in Fine
Arts but was not committed at that time to teaching.
I went back to Petoskey, started a family (my beautiful daughter Amy
entered my life) and worked in the printing industry as a typesetter and
graphic designer. For a while I had a small home business doing
graphic design and magazine layout.
Higher Education
I returned to university life  with a 3 year old daughter as my
I received my BA degree in Art Education with minors in Psychology
and Sociology. Started a teaching career - teaching junior high/high
school art. Then taught at a small community college. All along working
in various art media, including painting, drawing, photography and
ceramics. Pursued and finished degrees of MA in Art Education and
MFA in Photography/Drawing.
Remarried and quit teaching to focus on family. Two more daughters
entered my life -- Fiona and Mikaela. Three daughters now and a
loving, supportive husband, who fully supports me in following my
The family and farming - building the farm business from 1999-2009.
Learning the "art" of shepherding. Sharing what I learn (both good and
bad) through my writing and publishing and the website. Life is good.
We are blessed.
So why does this matter? It probably doesn't, but for those who have
followed our website and farm ventures these past ten years, I thought
an explanation of the
Studio part of The Lavender Fleece would be of
some interest
(or perhaps not!). The main thing is that this seemingly
"new" phase of the business and this self-transformation doesn't just
spring out of "thin air." It's been (as I have been) a "work in progress"
for many years. And this past fall and winter I have been in an
"incubation phase" so to speak. I am grateful to the
Midland Center for
the Arts for the opportunity to use the pottery studio there in order to
give birth to the ideas and forms that have been "incubating" for so long.
The peace and tranquility of soul that I find while throwing pots and the
opportunity to explore clay again has led to the decision to build my
own studio here on the farm.
The Pottery Studio
Currently under construction, watch for our "grand opening." In the
meantime, there will be a limited number of pieces available until the
studio is completed and I can begin production here on the farm. The
girls are all very excited to learn to throw on the wheel, as well. I think I
will have no trouble recruiting helpers with this phase of the business!
So what happened to my "inner potter?"