Lavendula angustifolia- these plants are hardy to zone 5, which is
what our growing zone here in mid-Michigan is. Most angustifolias
average about 22-24" in mature size, and are slower growing than the
lavandins. These also bloom earlier in the season (May/June) and
some varieties will rebloom in the fall. In planning, allow about 24
inches of spacing between plants.
Big Time Blue (12-18") New offering, compact plant with dark
purple flowers. Early bloomer, very fat, generous flower spikes.
Munstead (12") Compact growth habit with pale blue to dark
violet flowers.
Phenomenal (24"-32") Exceptional winter survival without the
die back of other varieties. Silvery foliage, good mounding habit and
beautiful violet/purple flowers. One of the hardiest lavender for
northern climates.
Platinum Blonde (24") What a beautiful plant with its
cream/green variegated leaves! Wonderful addition to any lavender
garden to add variety to foliage. Blue/lavender flowers. Good upright
mounding growth pattern. Great for sachets as well as culinary
purposes. Also can be used as a container lavender with the correct
potting mix.
Super Blue (12-14") Very aromatic, blue/purple flowers that
open to lightly variegated florets. A new offering for our customers this
Lavendula x intermedia (Lavandins) Lavandins grow faster and larger than the
angustifolias - averaging 36" across with longer flower stems and more flower buds per
stem than angustifolias. They tend to bloom in late June/July and sometimes into August,
depending on the season. In planning your garden, allow about 36 inches of spacing
between plants.Less hardy than angustifolias but can grow in Michigan. Will suffer more
if extreme cold conditions and not protected (snow cover is best!). If planting in Michigan,
will do better on south side - especially if up against a building or wall and not exposed to
as much wind.
Edelweiss (24") Beautiful white flowering lavender that complements the lavender
and purple flowers in the lavender garden. Long stems, and is extremely versatile for
crafts, teas, sachets, etc. (not available for 2019)
Provence (30") Large flower heads, wonderful intense scent, a very popular plant.
Another lovely, versatile lavender that can be used for culinary purposes .(Not available
for 2019)
Email or phone 989.832.4908.
We have been growing lavender in mid-Michigan since 1999 and can
definitively tell you which lavenders will perform best in your own garden.

Please note: because I cannot control the individual environment of the
plants when they leave, I cannot offer any guarantees on plants.
"And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of the earth..."
                                                                 --Genesis 1:29
Lavender Plants 2019 SOLD OUT
Lavender plants are available for pick up here at our farm in Midland,
Michigan. See below to see descriptions of the spring 2019 lavender varieties
we are offering.
(Please note we no longer ship plants). We will only be
offering lavenders in 1 quart sizes now. All plants are $15 each.