Our chickens
Our farm...
...is a multi-faceted farm that is an ever-evolving and growing entity (we are located in mid-Michigan). As we have gained experience (and hopefully grown wiser), our farm too grows and expands.

The mainstay and joy of our farm from its inception has been
Lavender - growing and sharing it with all of our kindred gardening spirits -- and of course, our beloved Icelandic sheep, who were next followed by the Icelandic sheepdogs.

What is increasingly exciting for us is to have our children more involved in our farm, and for the farm to reflect their growth and involvement. I invite you to explore our links here and in the pages within to learn more about our farming journey that began in 1999.

I want to say "thank you" to all of our friends and customers who have helped to sustain our farm. Without your support we wouldn't be here. We have met many of you at fiber festivals and others of you through our website. Some of you have contacted me after reading articles I've written for various magazines, or have noted our advertising efforts.

We always encourage others to pursue their own farm dreams. If you purchase your Icelandic sheep from us, you will have a mentor at the other end of the phone or email whenever you need us, until you don't need us any more!

If you have patience, are frugal, creative, hard-working and are content to be "home on the farm" then you too can farm.

Remember that life, like farming, is ever evolving. What makes our life so exciting to us is that we grow and change with the seasons, just as the farm does. Some things remain stable and consistent, which is necessary for all of life support. But the joy of life is seeing the unexpected crop up -- like flowers you didn't plant appearing as an unexpected joy... and thus has our farm and our lives also change.

In 2009 we built our pottery studio and began a grand new adventure. We also added dairy goats to our life and are enjoying the health benefits of the raw milk as well as learning the craft of artistan cheese making.

To learn more about shepherding, please visit my
flock health and management page.

For the "business" of farming, these are some books I highly recommend:
Starting & Running Your Own Small Farm Business by Sarah Beth Aubrey
All Flesh Is Grass
by Gene Logsdon
You Can Farm
by Joel Salatin
Everything I Want to Do is Illegal
by Joel Salatin (especially important reading for those who want to sell food/products)

and additionally, inspiring and educational are these titles:

It's a Long Road to a Tomato
by Keith Stewart
any of the books by Robert Kiyosaki, especially the one titled
Before You Quit Your Job
We also like
sheep! magazine and Countryside magazine as good resources for this lifestyle.

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