by Mikaela Gisch (age 8)
Running in the wind,
Like they are playing tag,
Running to get some more milk,
Then going back and playing,
Then going to bed, and...
One day becoming sheep.
Icelandic Sheep -
If you are looking for one breed of sheep that offers all
you need - then you need Icelandic sheep!
Having lived with Icelandic sheep since 1999, we know that this breed is truly a
triple-purpose breed. Icelandic sheep are perfect for homesteaders; they are excellent as
partners in small, diverse family farms. And Icelandic sheep also have great potential as
a commercial sheep breed for both meat and dairying. If you want to get more for your
money, then you need look no further than the Icelandic sheep. The meat is excellent -
and lambs can be fast growing - hence you can take them to market sooner! The fleeces
can be excellent, soft, silky and versatile and appeal to spinners, weavers, knitters and
felters. The sheep can be milked and you can make excellent farmstead, artisan cheeses.
Three sheep in one!

If you want to buy your sheep from a producer who has worked with the breed since
1999 -- a producer who has written extensively about the breed and how to manage and
care for them -- then you need to buy your sheep from The Lavender Fleece.

Spring 2015 will be our 15th lambing season. Because we are a small family farm, our
sheep receive much individual attention. Our focus is on
quality -- not quantity. We can
offer starter flock packages that include unrelated rams and ewes of the quality that we
have come to expect from our sheep.

Raising Icelandic sheep provides for a
quality of life that is priceless. We hope to offer
and support others in acquiring this dream for their own families and farms. We offer
pre-sale support, on-the-farm training, and after-sale support. Our sheep have brought
us much joy, and they also have brought many wonderful people into our lives. Let us
show you how Icelandic sheep can diversify your farm and enrich your life.

Please click on the links found on this page to learn more about Icelandic sheep in
general and our flock in particular. We have been enrolled in the Voluntary Scrapie
program (VSFCP) since the summer of 2000. Please Note: In May 2009, we decided to
drop out of the SFCP and be enrolled in the scrapie "Mandatory" program. We made
this decision because the USDA has been changing the "rules" and we no longer feel this
program works for our farm. Please note that this does not adversely affect anything
we do on the farm. We are still able to import semen from Iceland and to do AI with
our flock. Our F1 AI sheep can go to any flock, whether enrolled in a scrapie program
or not.
(Exception: Canada - only rams from our flock are allowed to be exported to
We were blessed for eight
years with  three generations
of shepherds on our farm,
from our daughters to
"Papa" Willie (age 88  in
2011), a WWII vet,
and a retired farmer,
turned shepherd
Sadly, Papa passed away in
January of 2012.
NOTE to breeders:
The Year Letter for 201
7 is "E"
"...I am now possessed of individuals of four of the most remarkable varieties of the race of sheep...(including) the Iceland sheep...
I have recently received a ram ...who has 4 horns, a round & beautiful animal..."
   -Thomas Jefferson  (from letter to Ellen Randolph, June 29, 1809)