Leicester Longwool
Lord Fairfax (2.266%) (Triplet - b.2010)
Fairfax's sire was a champion ram and had supreme champion fleece at Maryland Sheep &
Wool Festival. Dam is a heavy milker.
I especially like the fleece and long bodies that he throws to his lambs.
Lord Fairfax has moved on to another farm here in Michigan.
I will keep him here for reference to his offspring that are in the flock now.
Quincy (0.068%) (Single - b.2011)
This beautiful colored ram comes to us from Oregon.
He brings unrelated color genetics to our flock. His
pedigree includes AI Melton Park, Ebony, Jarob Yellow,
Ostler's Hill and Parson's Pride.
Quincy's dam won Champion NCWGA Longwool Ewe at
Black Sheep Gathering as a yearling.
Albert (8.561%) (Twin-b.2012)
We added this ram to help diversify our ram group (Riverside genetics).
He is growing into a very handsome and well built ram.
Possesses the gentle disposition that Leicester rams are known for.
Above right he is shown at one year and at left at two years of age.
Winston (2.288%)
Winston arrived on our farm in August 2013. Winston is huge and a gentle giant.
Because he is so gentle, he spends every April-November
at the Chippewa Nature Center, along with our CWL George W.
They are wonderful ambassadors for the breed and greet hundreds
of visitors to the heritage farm each season.
At right is Winston getting hugs from my daughter Fiona.
If you click on the name of each ram, it will bring up his pedigree.
Next to his name is his inbreeding coefficiency to 10 generations.
Note that for safest genetics, it is best to aim for 6.25% or less. A
ram with higher % will be bred to a ewe that will produce lambs
with safer inbreeding coefficiencies.