Leicester Longwool Ewes
CWL 2011-13 "Betsy Ross" (0.787%)
(single - b.2011)
Lambing record: 0, 2, 2, 2, 1
Shown here at 1 year of age. Betsy is friendly and likes to
come up to me so I will scratch her back!
Betsy's 2015 ewe lamb is staying in the flock.
Update: Betsy had a ewe lamb on May 17th.
"Jazzy" (28.666%) (twin b.2011)
Lambing record: 1, 1, 2, 1
Jazzy is a nice long bodied ewe. She lambed unassisted as a one-winter ewe.
Jazzy has an amazing fleece and each season when I weave it into a rug, it is always the first rug to sell.
Jazzy's 2015 ewe lamb stays in the flock.
Update: Jazzy had a ewe lamb on May 29th.
Click on each ewe's underlined name to
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% that indicates her degree of inbreeding.
Next to lamb update, the % indicates the
inbreeding coefficiency for her lambs.
WBF Ellen Wilson II  (7.329%) (b. 2011)
Lambing record: ?, ?, ?, 1, 1
Another pretty addition from Willow Brook Farm
brings some old and diverse bloodlines into our flock.
We AI bred Ellen Wilson II to new genetics from Melton
Park farm in Australia. Her AI ram stays in the flock.
For 2016 she is bred to the new AI ram from Australia,
Update: Ellen had a healthy ram lamb on March 16th.
LuLu (3.105%) (b.2011)
Lambing record: ?, ?, ?, 2, 2
This very pretty and very well built ewe joined our flock in the
summer of 2014. We look forward to her first lambs for us in
spring 2015.
LuLu is being LAP AI bred to new genetics out of "Tasman"
from Brenton Heazlewood's flock in Australia.
Update: Lulu had twins on March 17th.