Leicester Longwool Ewes
CWL 10-05 "Abigail"(4874%) (b.2010)
Lambing record: 0, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1
Shown here at 2 years of age.
Abigail is always the first ewe to lamb each season,
by the 3rd week of February. Her lambs are amazingly
strong and vigorous, and practically hit the ground
running! She is bred for lambs from Quincy for 2016.
Update: Abigail lambed on March 30th.
Sunshine Girl (a.k.a. Sunny) (6.609%)
Lambing record: 0, 1, 0, 3, 4, 2
Sunny is a really well built ewe, very feminine and has
Parson's Pride in her pedigree. She was not exposed to a
ram in 2012.
Click on each ewe's underlined name
to view her pedigree. The % number
next to her  name indicates her own
inbreeding coefficiency. The %
number on her lamb update indicates
the degree of inbreeding of her lambs.
CWL 2010-12 Maggie Mae (5.457%)
This pretty ewe joined the flock summer of
2015. Photos of Maggie in full fleece are
courtesy of Mary Bare. Maggie Mae is
shown at left, shorn, at age 5.  Maggie Mae is
being LAP AI bred to the new line from
Australia, a ram named "Tasman."
Update: Maggie had a ewe lamb on March 15.