March 27. Constance had a beautiful, large (12 lbs.) single ewe
lamb out of
Fairfax this evening. While I was watching Martha
(Icelandic) have her twins, I would run over to the other barn
and peak in on Constance to see how she was progressing with
her labor. She's a wonderfully protective and attentive mom. I
am pleased with how well the Leicester ewes have done lambing
unassisted and being such great moms to their lambs.
March 29. Florence delivered twin
ram lambs out of Fairfax this
afternoon. The first one weighed
10.5 lbs. and the second weighed 9
lbs. Nice, healthy and sweet lambs.
She has an incredible udder - it
would be perfect for milking!
April 7. Jazzy, a yearling, delivered a 9 1/4 lb. English Blue ewe lamb all by herself.
However, she wasn't yet ready to be a mom, and this was the only moment in time when I was able
to get her to let the lamb (now named Annie) nurse without me holding Jazzy still. Some first time
moms just don't quite "get it" --- especially if the birth was hard on them. So we are bottle feeding
Annie and she will stay here, since she's becoming quite a sweet pet. She is also built very nicely with
good sturdy bone and a nice long body. The photo above right shows Annie at 5 days of age Annie's
sire is
April 28. Our beautiful yearling ewe,
Virginia had her first lamb, a 9 lb.
ram out of
George, cleaned off and
with a full belly when I went out at
6:30 this morning to check on the
sheep. She had him on pasture, and
was not real happy that I made them
move into the barn for a day. He has
the most amazing stocky legs and a
very sweet face. She's a great
mother, very protective and stomps
her feet at me, telling me to just go
May 3. Primrose surprised Fiona this morning
with an 8 1/2 lb. ram lamb out of
Fiona had gone out early to feed the bottle
lambs and came running in to tell me there
was a newborn Leicester lamb. Primrose was
protective of her lamb and wasn't happy to be
moved into the barn, but with the
thunderstorms we've had, I wanted them dry
and clean.