February 13, 2012. Our very first Leicester Longwool lambs
greeted me this morning, all dried off and with warm bellies.
Abigail, is a perfect first time mom. The ewe lamb (at right)
weighed 6 lbs. and the ram lamb (above right) weighed 7.5 lbs.
We will be keeping the ewe lamb and her name is Amelia. The
sire of these lambs is
Our Fiona took this picture when she got
home from school that day, so excited about
our first Leicester lambs! Especially because
Oliver is her favorite sheep on the farm and he
is the daddy of these lambs. That's one reason
why baby Amelia is staying here in the flock.
February 23. This morning when I went out to do chores, I found Shirley outside with her first
set of lambs, a ewe and a ram (both 10 lbs.). Their sire is Fairfax. Even though there are two
huge stalls bedded down with clean straw, she decided to lamb outside. And even though it
was in the mid 20s last night, the lambs were fed, had warm mouths, and were cleaned off.
This is how it should be done! Good job Shirley! While I was taking photos, Abigail and her
lambs came over to greet the newborns.
2012 Leicester Longwool Lambing Season
February 28. Bridget had twins this
morning out of Fairfax. The ram
lamb weighed 9 1/4 lbs.
Unfortunately the ewe lamb, who
was about 1/2 his size was not
viable. So sadly he'll be raised as a