Lavender Products for body & home
are available at The Lavender Fleece.
Many of our products are made here on the farm.
Lavender Soaps
Lovingly made here on the farm, our soap is an all-natural blend of coconut oil, palm oil and olive oil with the essential oil of
the finest American grown Grosso lavender. Bars are approximately 4 ounces. All of our soap is wrapped with an identifying
wrapper and handspun yarn,
providing a unique, beautiful gift at an economical price. Most offerings are $5.00 per bar unless
otherwise marked.
. (10% discount on 12 or more).
LAVENDER/FRANKINCENSE/MYRHRR - stamped with a large cross, packaged in a purple sachet bag.
$10 per bar
LEMON/LAVENDER/LEMONGRASS -- beautiful light scent of lemon blends beautifully with the lavender and
Marbled purple/white swirl, our best seller!
Lavender Gardeners Soap, a soft natural cream color with real lavender buds added making a great exfoliant for those
garden weary hands
Lavender & Oatmeal soap, a great exfoliant because of the ground oatmeal added to the base soap.
Lavender & Patchouli soap - the patchouli adds a spicy undertone, very popular!
Lavender Goat Milk soap - very popular due to its extremely moisturizing qualities $7.50 per bar.
Lavender Lip Balm
A light, non-waxy lip balm that blends Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil with lavender oil.  $4.00             
Lavender Body & Room Spray
This light spritzer can be used as a body spray to refresh and lightly scent. I also use it as a room deodorizer. The scent is a
light blend of lavender, peppermint and grapefruit.
4 oz. spritzer
Lavender Sachet
Dried buds of lavender in a special blend of four different lavender plants known for the best scent are combined into little
"squeeze bag" style sachets. Just give your sachet a "squeeze" to rebruise the buds. This re-releases the essential oil to freshen
your world. Great for desk drawers, bathrooms, cars, closets - anywhere you want the aromatherapy benefits of lavender.
Sachet with a Lavender Fleece logo imprint   $4.50
Lavender Wool Saver bag is filled to the brim with lavender, cedar and other moth repelling herbs to help protect your
wool from moths.

Dried Bundles of Lavender
Lavender & Hops Dream Pillow Each dream pillow is created from
two vintage hankies, artfully matched in style and size to complement each other. The
pillows are filled with dried lavender buds and hops that we grow here on the farm.
These are for the insomniac who needs something soothing and restful to help with sleep
- or for those who want to unwind naturally from a stressful day. Sweet dreams!  
Lavender Pepper
"We're addicted! Please send us two more bottles of the lavender pepper. The chickens are laying too many eggs and I can't
eat scrambled eggs without your lavender pepper!" - a happy customer

For pepper lovers - this blend of pepper, fennel, lavender, lemon, orange peel and other herbs and spices is DELICIOUS!!
Use anywhere you would use pepper - on fish, chicken, beef, lamb, pasta, salad.  
Culinary Lavender
Lavender Tea
This delectable blend of peppermint, chamomile, rose hips and lavender makes a soothing, yet uplifting tea. A customer
$10.95 for approximately 2 oz.
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Lavender Essential Oil
1 oz. bottle of the finest distilled lavender from France - the oil is especially good for treating bee stings and other bug bites.
$17.50 for 1 oz. bottle
$8.75 for 1/4 oz. bottle
Dried Lavender Buds
For your own lavender crafting, buds are available by the ounce, 1/2 lb. or pound.
1 oz.
8 oz. $20.00
16 oz. $40.00
Shea Repairing Hand & Body Cream
4 oz. jar   $13.50
8 oz. jar   $19.50
16. oz. jar $27.50