May 31, 2011 Kyssa's pups have arrived. Poor Kyssa, is shown above a day before
whelping her 2011 litter. The temperature soared to the 90s with high humidity so she was
very uncomfortable for the last 24 hours of her pregnancy. Finally midday, puppy number
one arrived. The only female pup -- she weighed 11.6 oz. Two hours later puppies number
two and three arrived almost simultaneously and weighed in at 12.7 and 11.8 oz. About an
hour later puppies number four and five arrived very closely together as well, weighing 11.3
and 10.5 oz. The puppies are almost identical in coloring and it's hard to tell them apart
except for the one with a white flash across the back of his neck. All of the puppies are
spoken for.
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