March 2, 2009. Our gorgeous girl, Lavandels Kyssa, had her first litter. She was a trooper and delivered
five big puppies all on her own. She's a wonderful mom
(but that's pretty much the way these Icelandics
and she's very pleased with herself and her babies. All of the puppies have good double dew claws on
both hind legs with single dews on front legs. The sire of the litter is Hofshesta Gloi. To see a pedigree for the
click here. At this time, all of the puppies are reserved.
The first puppy, a male, is shown above.
He weighed 12.4 oz. This puppy has
traditional blaze and color with black
ears and mask.He will look much like
Kyssa as an adult.
Puppy #2 is a male and he weighed a
whopping 14.5 oz. He has brown ears
and markings and will probably be
cream like his sire.This puppy's coloring
surprised me because I did not know
that Kyssa carried the gene for brown.
Now we know she does.
Puppy #3 is a female who weighed 11.5
oz. She is also a genetically brown puppy
(but she's darker than the other two that
have brown ears and markings) in
coloring with white underbelly and white
Puppy #4 is a male who will be the traditonal
red, with black mask and white collar. He will
look the most like
Kyssa as an adult (she is just
missing the white collar that he has).
Puppy #5 is a female and she also has brown
ears and markings and will most likely be
cream in coloring like her brother and her
sire. The photos of the girls here are
brighter than the pups really are.
In the photo above, the pups are from left to right #1, #2,
#3, #5 and #4.
At left, the puppies are shown at 2 days
Here are the puppies at 4 days of
Hofshesta Gloi x Lavandels Kyssa
2009 Litter