Birth day
Three weeks old
One week old
Two weeks old
Lavandels Kyssa
Born: October 3, 2006
Belle and Rodi
Kyssa's Pedigree
Kyssa is absolutely a delightful puppy (of course, aren't they all?)
We will be keeping her in the family and hope that if her hips and
eyes are healthy that we can use her for breeding when she turns
two years old. Her dam, our "Belle" is an extremely smart herding
dog, a very affectionate and wonderful family member and she has
been an excellent mom, always producing six healthy puppies,
unassisted. Because she's been such an incredible dog, it became
important that we keep one of her female puppies, as this is
proving to be an excellent dam line. Kyssa's sire, Rodi, has hips
rated very good through PennHip (.35 both sides) and Belle has
"Good" hips rated through OFA. Both parents have good eyes.
Belle, Rodi and Kyssa all have the preferred double dew claws on
their hind legs with singles on the front. Kyssa also has "full
Kyssa's eye exams have been CERF good.
Her OFA hip xray was GOOD.
Five weeks old
Four weeks old
Six weeks old
Seven weeks old
Eight weeks old - and wet from a rainy day.
Nine weeks old - first snow!
In Memorium -- It is still with a broken heart that I write that Kyssa passed away in the fall of 2013 due to poisoning of unknown
origin. We had rehomed her due to her constant aggression towards our other dogs (alpha female syndrome) to a friend in Washington
state where she was adored and very happy. It was there that she died and my friend is as heartbroken as I am. I miss Kyssa greatly, and
treasure her daughter, Koltryna who will stay with us.