At left is Koltryna at 10 weeks old.
Below left are two of Koltryna's
siblings in Washington state. They
are with their sire, the infamous

Lavandels Hektor (who lives with
Donna McDermott and Terry
Warnock and Bub, is on the far right
and Lavandels Katur Thorarisson
(visiting for the day) is on the far
left. They are ten weeks old in this
Koltryna (left) at 12 weeks of age.
Above, 13 weeks.
Tryna is shown at left while helping us pick out
this year's Christmas tree. She is now 14 weeks
Handsome brother Hektor is shown below at
14 weeks.
Koltryna is shown above and at
right at 15 weeks.
Tryna, 5