Isneista Fjari
Isneista Fjari came to us in September 2010. He
was 20 months old. Fjari needed rehomed because
his original owner had passed away.

Fjari is an excellent example of the Icelandic
sheepdog not only in how well "put together" he is,
and how typical (note correct TYPE) he is.
His breeder is
Thordur Runolfsson.

Fjari has OFA EXCELLENT hips and elbows are
normal. His CERF eye exams are normal.
He is cleared to be a stud dog and he has sired two
litters for us that are very nice.

Fjari's pedigree
Picture Pedigree of Fjari's sire, Gerplu Spori

We co-own Fjari with Christine Smith
and her family; he lives with their family and comes for
visits to the farm. Fjari's best friends are the three children,
twin boys, age 7 and a lovely little girl, age 8. Christine will
be showing Fjari in conformation and agility

Fjari's Show Page
These two photos show Fjari with two of his
"kids." He adores his children and it sure shows in
these photos.