Iseyjar Esja
This beautiful Icelandic sheepdog comes
to us directly from Iceland and we are
ever grateful to
Gudni and Anna Agustsson
for letting Esja join our family.
Esja was born May 31, 2010
Esja's Pedigree
A puppy's socialization while still with her dam
and littermates is incredibly important to the
development of a wonderful temperament. A
good breeder spends a great deal of time with the
puppies from the day they are born. Gudni and
Anna obviously did such a wonderful job with
Esja that her transition to our family was smooth
and joyful for Esja and for all of us. Esja is very
confident, happy and playful. She has great recall
and comes running at full speed when called. She
is spending quality time with both her two legged
and four legged family here in Michigan. Thank
you Gudni and Anna for this amazing puppy!
After a busy morning helping with farm chores
and playing with her new family members, Esja
rests next to me as I work on the computer.
Esja once again at her favorite place, next to me. Above left she is shown at 6 months of age
Center above, Esja is 7 months, napping with her favorite toy.
At right and below, Esja is shown at 7 months of age.
Esja climbing the hay mow, playing with the barn cats. Icelandic
sheepdogs are expert at climbing due to their dew claws.
Esja shown at left and above at 10 months of age.
Below left, July 2011 at 13.5 months.
Above is Iseyjar Moli, one of Esja's littermates.