Summer 2007 finds Fiona gaining more
and more skilled in riding. What really seemed to
make it "click" for both her and Skessa was that
she began to ride bareback this spring. It was
almost like as soon as the saddle was no longer a
barrier between the two, that they bonded even
more and horse and rider became in tune with
each other. Fiona turned 10 years old in May and
she is riding so well now. We are very proud of
her, but especially proud of Skessa. Skessa takes
care of "her" girl.

In fact, one day Fiona got stung by a wasp at the
gate (while walking Skessa through it) and she
went running and crying to the far corner of the
arena. I was down in another pasture pulling
thistles, and couldn't get to her fast enough. Well,
Skessa, as usual, took over with her own special
mothering skills. She immediately followed Fiona
and wrapped her neck around her to comfort her
until I was able to get there. This horse is
absolutely amazing.