Meet Sadie!
Finally, we have our own
wonderful Great Pyrenees
guard dog, but additionally, she
is also a sweet, mature female
that loves people and
especially the children. She is
also very tolerant of the
Icelandic sheepdogs and is
gentle with them -- and the
cats! Sadie joined our family in
September 2009. She came to
us from our dear friends
Wayne and Anthea Thacker of
Oklahoma. We are smitten
with Sadie. And I think you
can tell by the photos here, that
after just a week with us, that
Sadie is fitting in just fine.
Above you can see Sadie with our
Fiona getting a belly rub. What we
are loving about our wonderful Sadie
is that she has all of the instincts and
desire to be a working guard dog,
but is extremely gentle with people
and especially children. She is happy
to play with the children or head out
to patrol her fields. We love this dog!