"Hey thanks!
We had a package of (lamb) steaks for supper...OUTSTANDING. It is
easily the best lamb we have EVER had; tender and mild and rich...like
strip steak but better. I marinated the steaks in a mixture of red wine,
olive oil, garlic, kosher salt and cracked pepper, plus rosemary and
some Greek oregano from my herb garden. Then I charcoal-grilled
them. We had them with grilled leeks, cucumber-yogurt salad, garbanzo
bean salad, 'real-deal' pita from downstate that we get at the food co-op
in Mt. Pleasant and Gills Pier 'Just Unleashed' red table wine from the
Leelanau Peninsula. (Exceptionally good for Michigan red wine.)
Definitely keep us in mind for fall butchering, because I suspect we'll
have run through our (whole) lamb package by then. Thanks again!
Local Food rocks!'"
 -- the Ellens
Grass-Fed Icelandic Lamb
Order now for 2017 reservations -
be sure to reserve yours early!
Icelandic lamb is by far the BEST lamb you will ever eat
(of course we are definitely biased!). The quality of the
meat is mild and gourmet flavored. We have converted
many people who have said
"I don't like lamb" because
the taste is consistently delicious. It doesn't even have to be
overly marinated or overly seasoned. Good right straight to
the grill or braised in a pan. Of course, it's also the perfect
canvas for many wonderful recipes (like the leg of lamb
shown at left) and complements a wide variety of cultural
For some of our favorite recipes, click here.
Our sheep are pastured-raised (grassfed) during the spring through fall months and they eat the hay
produced from the fields surrounding our farm during the winter months. Additionally, our sheep are
offered free choice hay year 'round to supplement their pastures and assure that they are eating what
they want, when they want it. We do not use pesticides or herbicides on our farm and our lambs are
not given any hormones or antibiotics to promote fast growth rate.

Since quantities are limited, please reserve your 1/2 or whole lamb as soon as possible. Whole lamb is
30 (including the $95 custom processing fee) and halves would be priced at half that cost. If you do
not have somebody to split a whole lamb with you, we have a waiting list for those who would like to do
so. If you have not yet tasted Icelandic lamb, we may have cuts for sale, so please ask for availability.
Our lamb is processed by a USDA approved butcher
. Order now for Fall 2017 lamb.
For detailed information about the
health benefits of eating grassfed
lamb, please visit the following
Stockman Grass Farmer