My Handwoven Fleece Rugs bring the beauty of longwool
sheep into your home. Fresh shorn fleeces are handwashed
(some are also dyed here) and then woven into works of artful
comfort for the feet. Or, if you prefer, they make beautiful
textured wall hangings or furniture drapings - think cozy lap
rug/foot warmers too. Your purchase of a Lavender Fleece
rug helps keep the small farm spirit in America alive.
(Note that
the wool is sustainable -- no sheep is killed to produce these rugs. Each sheep can
help earn her yearly keep by her contribution of fleece to the making of these rugs).
Please contact me for rugs currently in stock. Prices start at $300. Rugs are
generally about 26" wide and range from 3-4 feet in length.
Handwoven Fleece Rugs
The following rugs are all sold, but are examples of what I have woven.
Custom Weaving: for those who raise their own Leicester
Longwool sheep, but do not weave, I offer custom weaving with your
own fleece. Contact me for more details. Shown above is "Sara's
Rug" that I wove from the fleece of one of her beloved sheep. What I
loved about weaving this rug was how it highlights how gorgeous
and varied the Leicester locks can be within one fleece.
This is a commissioned rug made from Lincoln locks for a Lincoln breeder.
Jazzy's 2015 rug is still available
(see photo at right). While I started the rug
in May, I didn't have time to finish
weaving it until December!!