Felting with Icelandic Wool
Our 10 year old daughter, Mikaela recently spent an afternoon felting some Icelandic (from a batt) with her friend,Yael. They
each made a purse, that they decorated with their own needle felted flowers. Following is a photo diary of their felting process --
easy enough for children to follow! The beauty of Icelandic wool is that it felts SO fast, that a project is easy and quick -- not
time consuming and hard on the hands.
The girls used one of my 1 lb. felting batts (Icelandic) and
cut a piece to fit one of the "lingerie" bags that were on
hand. After cutting it to fit, they laid the batt into the lingerie
Next they went to the bathtub where they had a felting
board ready, with soap & hot water.
At left, Mikaela is pouring hot water onto the felt batt. Center, Yael is squeezing out some dishwashing liquid onto the wet
Then the fun begins. The girls started to rub and agitate the wool, getting it nice and sudsy. In under 10 minutes, the wool
had shrunk and bound to itself and they were ready to put it into the dryer for further shrinking.
At left the girls are putting the batt into the dryer. After about 10 minutes, they take it out and now have a sheet of "felt" to use as a start for their creativity. They
decided to make felted purses, so they repeated the process and made one more sheet,so they each would have one to work with. After sewing and then needle
felting the purses together, they added needle felted flowers and colored accents. They also braided and felted handles for their purses. The finished purses are
shown above right and below.
Icelandic wool is also wonderful for needle
felting techniques. Mikaela has been making
felted cat toys. If you would like a hand felted
toy/ball for your cat (or dog), let me know.
They are priced at $5 each. With or without
a small bell felted inside.