The Ewe Flock: Our ewes are a diverse and colorful flock. We are
focusing on ewes that raise large, fast growing lambs that they can
deliver unassisted, while still being able to grow a great fleece by
October. We also look for good conformation and healthy, hardy and
large animals. All but one of our ewe flock is horned (except for a few
ewes that have horned genetics in their pedigrees) and we are
continuing to concentrate on producing strongly horned animals. We
have ewes of
leadersheep bloodlines from Iceland, as we have seen
how hardy and milky, as well as intelligent, the leadersheep are. Our
flock represents what we believe are some of the best North
American and Icelandic bloodlines. To view the pedigree of an
individual ewe, click on her highlighted identification number or name.
For more information on the AI rams that have contributed their
genetics to our flock, please
visit this page.
The ewe flock pages are mostly organized to show family
relationships.We do take pre-reservations for spring lambs
out of specific ewes and will consider custom breedings.
To contact us please email or
phone 989/832-4908.
"Patsy Montana"
Daughter of Iceland ram Ari
Solid black polled quad (carries moorit and spotting)
Lambing record: 2, 2, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 1, 3, 3, 2, 1, 2
This elegant and beautiful ewe is the ewe who has been with us
the longest now and she is a real treasure. Her lambs have been
vigorous and healthy and her daughters have all gone on to lamb
as one winter ewes, many of them twinning their first season.
Patsy has a huge milk-style udder with large teats and tons of
milk, as indicated by tremendous rate of growth of her lambs,
even when she has had triplets.
Update: Sadly we lost Patsy to old age in February 2014.
She was truly a grand dam and we miss her very much.
Goodbye dear Patsy.
"Milkiness is a quality that records itself in the growth and quality of lambs during their first month of life."
                                                                                                                          - Alan Fraser, Sheep Farming, 1937
Southram BLUP Index for Milking Abilities and Prolificacy - 100 is considered an average score for the ram sires,
as they are rated at the ram station in Iceland. As you look through the pages of my flock, I will make indications of those ewes whose
AI sires (or dams sires, etc.) are known in particular for scores higher than 100 for either milkiness or prolificacy. Additionally, my
own experience of having a ewe in my flock -as well as her daughters and granddaughters - will also be noted in my descriptions.
Selective breeding of a milky line to a less than milky line, (or fleece,or meat, or prolificacy, etc.) hopefully improves the lambs so that
they are able to carry on qualities even better than their individual parents or bloodlines may have indicated. Please note that
leadersheep are not rated in Iceland for these qualities.
"A shepherd's life, properly understood,
is the richest in the world."
                             - James Gardner 1840-1900