Puppies arrived April 25, 2013: 3 females and four males. All puppies are reserved.
Esja went into pre-labor Wednesday evening and so I had her next
to me all night. Finally the first puppy came about 11am Thursday
morning. It was a male who weighed 11.3 oz.
About an hour or so later, we had four puppies. Two girls and two
The additional three puppies weighed 8.0 (female), 9.2 (female) and
9.4 (male) ounces. At this time (1pm) I am not sure if we are done
yet or not. I will update later. Esja is pretty tired now and has been
taking a nap with puppies nursing.
Update: I left Esja sleeping with her puppies and went to the
kitchen to make some chicken soup. When I came back up to check,
there was another pup!
A female that weighed 10.4 oz.
So now we have five lovely puppies.
Top row left to right: Pup #1 male; Pup #2, female; Pup #3, female and
bottom row left: Pup #4 male; Pup #5 female.