Here is lovely Elsa at 12 weeks of age.
At right Elsa "enjoying" a bath!!
And below Elsa doing one of her favorite
activities - riding the scooter with Fiona. They
go round and round and that that dog just
hangs on and smiles away. She won't even jump
off when they stop unless Fiona gets off too!
Elsa is about 4 1/2 months old now and is in
that really "gangly" stage of growth.
Elsa is shown (left) at 5 months of age, with Belle. Below is Elsa in
November of 2008 when she was 8 months old. Her tail is quite full
and usually fully curled, but of course, the photo I shot of her tail up,
was a second too late as she bounded off to play.
Elsa is shown at left at 1 year of age, in mid March 2009.
I let Elsa go live with my friend Joan Dow, who was showing her in
AKC events and fell in love with her. At the time I let Elsa go, it
was because we had two other dominant females, Kyssa and Esja,
who did not give Elsa a chance to shine; she was always having to
be very submissive to the others. At Joan's house, Elsa has a
companion in an older Kuvasz female, Secret, and she is much
loved there. Also, Elsa finished her AKC CH, so congratulations to
Elsa and Joan.