The Honest Truth...
if you want a happy,
Icelandic sheepdog...
Icelandic sheepdogs are not perfect and they are not right for every family. They are
not meant for puppy mills and are not kennel dogs. They must be carefully matched
with their forever families by responsible breeders. The following information aims to
give you a clear and honest expectation of the Icelandic sheepdog, which will help
you decide if this breed is right for your family and your living situation.

* Icelandic sheepdogs do bark.
* Icelandic sheepdogs need to be part of a family. They cannot be tied outside and ignored.
* Icelandic sheepdogs can be needy and even "neurotic" about being with their people; they do not like
to      be left alone. Make sure your puppy has a "safe" refuge (crate/crate training, enclosed
 porch, etc.) for those times they might need to be alone, especially if they do not have another dog  
* Icelandic sheepdogs are smart and therefore you have to be smart enough to raise them correctly; we
 strongly suggest puppy and advanced classes to train the family and the puppy so everybody is happy.
* Icelandic sheepdogs can be escape artists. They will do everything they can to be with their family and if
 they are not allowed to be with you, they will seek others to give them attention.
* Icelandic sheepdogs do like to dig.
* Icelandic sheepdogs can have health issues, so it is your responsibility to purchase a puppy from an
 ISAA approved breeder who does the appropriate health testing.
* Icelandic sheepdogs should fit the
Iceland Standard which was adopted by the AKC. If the dogs you see
 don't look like an Icelandic sheepdog should look, then you need to find a reputable breeder who
 breeds for correct type, temperament, health, and to the Standard.

If you want to raise a healthy and correct Icelandic sheepdog, you need to buy your puppy from
an experienced breeder who is a member in good standing with the only AKC and Iceland
recognized parent club - the
ISAA. We breed our puppies to the correct Standard and we are a
member in good standing with the ISAA.

For more detailed information about the temperament of the Icelandic Sheepdog, please read
what I wrote for the ISSA:
Click here.