Icelandic sheep are registered with the Canadian Livestock Records
Corporation. To search the pedigree of any registered Icelandic sheep, go to their

ISBONA (Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America) has devised a method which
codes the sheep colors, patterns, spotting and also whether they are horned or
polled. This code can be incorporated into part of the animal's registered name and
is a way for breeders to tell what that sheep looks like. The more that breeders
cooperate in using this code, the better these records will help all breeders assess
the lineage of the sheep. The code is as follows:

COLOR, choose  "B" for black
                                  "M" for moorit
                                   "O" if you can't tell base color because sheep is white

PATTERN, choose one or two, depending on what you see
                                   "1" for white
                                    "2" for grey
                                    "3 for badgerface
                                    "4" for mouflon
                                     "5" for solid
SPOTTING     use "S" for spotted
                               put nothing if no spots are exhibited

HORNS            use"P" for polled
                                    "H" for horned
                                     "C" for scurs


To register a lamb with CLRC you would first have your farm's prefix. For our
farm Lavender Fleece, our prefix is "LF." You can record a name for the sheep.
Then you record its gender and then the genetic color code.
For instance our ram Caesar's recorded CLRC registration would look like this:
LF ram B2H
B for black color; 2 for grey pattern and H because he has horns.

To be registered with CLRC all sheep must have ear tattoos. In the animal's right
ear you would tattoo your flock code. Ours is LF. In the animal's left ear you record
his  'number and the year code for the year it was born. The year 2001 was  "L "
and Caesar was the first Icelandic lamb born on our farm in 2001. So his tattoo is
LF 1L. The year 2002 will be an "M" year.

A polled white ewe would be recorded as 01P
A horned badgerface moorit would be recorded as M3H
A scurred black grey mouflon would be recorded as B24C and so on...
Coding for the ewe at left is
01H ("O" for no color showing; "1" for white and
"H" for horns)

Coding for the ewe at right is
B5P ("B" for black; "5" for solid; & "P" for

Coding for the ewe at left is
M3SP ("M" for moorit; "3" for badgerface; "S"
for spot; & "P" for polled)

Coding for the ewe lamb at right is
M5H ("M" for moorit; "5" for solid; "H" for

If you ever have any questions about coding
your Icelandic sheep for registration, please feel
free to contact me for help. You can
email me
anytime. For new breeders coding is one of the
biggest questions that they have and I am more
than happy to help you with this.
2417 Holly Lane
Ottawa, Ontario K1V0M7