March 19, 2008
After a long day of working hard, our
dear Belle produced a lovely, even
sized and uniformly colored litter. She
had five males that all look much like
their sire, Arperla Bjarki did at birth.
The lone female is more distinctly
marked with a white blaze and collar.
As usual, Belle is a wonderful, attentive
mom and all pups were born healthy.

Below is the little "belle" of the litter, a
female who weighed 11.5 oz and has
good double dew claws on both hind
Above center is Male Puppy #1, who was very wiggly and I apologize for
the blurry photo. He is however, pretty much identical to his brother
Puppy #2 above right. #1 weighed 11.1 oz and #2 weighed 10.8 oz. Both
boys have good double dews on their rear legs.
Far left is Male Puppy #3, who
weighed 11.4 oz. Near left is Male
Puppy #4, who weighed 12.2 oz.
Below is Male Puppy #5, the last to be
born, who weighed 12.1 oz. All three
of these boys have good double dew
claws also.