Writing has always been one of my interests. When I was an art educator, I had
numerous articles published in national journals, as well as having contributed a chapter to a
book published by the National Art Education Association about Lifelong Learning in the

In my life as a shepherdess I have a new passion - sheep - and I've enjoyed putting my
thoughts and experiences down on paper to share with others. The underlined articles are
available to read on-line.
The following articles were
published in the magazine
Animals Exotic and Small. I
have put this list in
chronological order, since
they reflect the growth of
my experiences in

celandic Sheep: An
Introduction to the Breed
April/May 2000

Shepherding at a Glance: A
primer for those who have
always wanted to raise sheep
June/July 2000

Why Icelandic Sheep: Well,
why not
August/September 2000

Warning: Sheep are
October/November 2000

Reaping the Harvest:
Shearing Day on the Farm
December/January 2001

All Grown Up: From Lambs
to Sheep
February/March 2001

The California Variegated
Mutant Sheep: An
Introduction to the Breed

February/March 2001

Leadersheep. April/May

Life and Death on the Farm.
June/July 2001

August/September 2001

Icelandic Sheep:
Understanding the Color &
Pattern Genetics
October/November 2001.

What Sheep Teach.
December/January 2002.
"Unusual Triplets: An Unassisted, Prolonged (5 day) Lambing" sheep!
July/August 2017, page 37

"Saved by the Bell: Any Flock Can be a Ringing Success"  sheep!
November/December 2015, pages 44-47

"An Introduction: Sarplaninac Guardian Dogs" sheep! March/April 2015, pages 30-32

"Sheep Ambassadors: Connecting Small Farms and Living History Museums"
sheep! March/April 2014, pages 60-62.

"All Ailments Turn Deadly When Sheep Lack Cobalt" sheep! Sept/Oct 2013,
pages 46-49.

"Dead Ram Walking" sheep! July/August 2013, pages 26-28.

"Famed Tony Dobbs Hones U.S. Shearers: Keener Edges & Skills Speed the Clip"
by Laurie Ball-Gisch.
sheep! May/June 2013, pages 42-45.

"Profit Your Way: A Visit with Michigan's Laurie Ball-Gisch" by Alan Harman
sheep! January/February 2013, pages 50-55.

"Cache Valley Virus" sheep! Sept/Oct 2012, pages 28-30.

"Lambing Time Success Tips" sheep! March/April 2012, pages 50-53.

"Learning About Umbilical Hernias" sheep! Sept/Oct. 2009, pages 34-36.

"Making Buttons from Sheep Horns" sheep! July/August 2009. pages 34-35, 42-43.

"Seeding our Dreams" Hobby Farms, May/June 2009. pages 12-13.

"Icelandic Chickens" Backyard Poultry Magazine, April/May 2009. pages 48-51.

"Horned Assets: Ancient & Enchanting Horns Add Beauty & Profit To a Flock"
Nov./Dec. 2008. pages 50-53.

"DNA Parentage Verification Testing Proves Pattern Mutation in North American
Icelandic Ewe" ISBONA Winter 2008 Newsletter, Volume 12, Issue 1.

"Thistles: The Shepherd's Thorn" sheep! Sept./Oct. 2007. pages 26-28.

"Pre-Pubic Tendon Rupture" sheep! July/August 2007. pages 34-37.

"Safe Shepherding: Who is going to tend the sheep if the shepherd or shepherdess
Countryside & Small Stock Journal, March/April 2007. pages 83-86

"When Sheep Limp And It's Not Footrot." sheep! September/October 2006.
pages 34-35.

"Heat Stress & Sheep" sheep! July/August 2006. pages 34-37.

"The Killing Fields: Managing Sheep to Prevent Bloat"sheep! March/April 2006.
pages 37-41.

"Viking Herders: The Rare Icelandic Sheepdog finds a familiar home in America's
Wild Fibers Magazine. Fall 2005. pages 16-23.

"Icelandic Sheep at The Lavender Fleece" Fiberline Magazine. Volume 9, Issue 2, Fall
2005. pages13-15.

"The Reluctant Shepherd" sheep! September/October 2005. pages 25-27.

"Icelandic Sheep bring the generations together - and keep an old farmer young"
Small Farmers Journal, Summer 2005, 115th Issue, pages 65-66.

"Diversify Your Sheep Farm: Grow Pumpkins in Barn Waste" sheep!
November/December 2004, pages 23-24.

"Continuing the Shepherd's Education: CRUELS" sheep! July/August 2004. pages

"Rams: Respect them but don't fear them" sheep! May/June 2004. pages 12-15.

"Life (and Death) on the Farm" sheep! January/February 2004. pages 59-60.

"115 Pound Lamb in 15 Weeks on No Grain" sheep! November/December 2003, pages

"Icelandic Sheep" Sheep Dairy News, British Sheep Dairying Association, Vol. 20,
No. 1, Spring 2003.

"The Icelandic Sheepdog" sheep! May/June 2003.

"Icelandic Leadersheep" sheep! March/April 2003.

"Blades and the Art of Gentle Shearing" The Shepherd. February 2003. pages 34-35.

"The Lavender Fleece: A Lavender and Sheep Farm in Mid-Michigan" Small Farm
Today. December 2002. Also, two photos featured on the cover from our farm.

"A Cider Vinegar Miracle Cure: Implications for Flock Health" sheep!
January/February 2003.

"What Sheep Teach" The Shepherd. December 2002.

"Living the Dream: A Lavender and Sheep Farm in Mid-Michigan" American Small
Farm. November 2002.
A photograph taken by me of some rams was used on the cover.

"Icelandic Leadersheep" The Shepherd. March 2002.

"California Variegated Mutant Sheep" The Shepherd. January 2002.

"California Variegated Mutant Sheep" The Banner. February 2002.

"Icelandic Sheep: An Ancient Breed for the 21st Century" The Banner.
October/November 2001.
14th Annual Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference. January 26, 2013.
"Rare and Heritage Breed Sheep: A Perfect Fit for the Small Farm."
Michigan Fiber Festival, August 22, 2004. "The Icelandic Sheepdog" - a presentation
to shepherds and others.
Federated Garden Clubs of Michigan, May 29th, 2003. "Lavender" - one hour lecture.
Herb Society of America, Frankenmuth chapter, May 3, 2003. "Lavender" - one hour
Michigan Shepherd's Weekend, January 5-6, 2002. "Fulfilling the Dream with
Icelandics and Ingenuity"
- one hour lecture/slide show/discussion about the feasibility
of small farm flocks & Icelandic sheep. Sponsored by the Michigan Sheep Breeders
Articles about sheep and our farm include: