The Lennox Spinning Wheels
   ...a reflection of the past,
           with the technology of today.
FInally! a spinning wheel made in Michigan with the attention to fine detail and craftsmanship of years gone past. I am proud to represent the Lennox spinning wheels, produced right here in Michigan. Barbara and Ken Lennox are master woodturners who have launched a line of breathtakingly beautiful spinning wheels. At right is the unique "Fiona," an upright 22" castle wheel. Made only in cherry, this wheel is a delight to spin on, as well as look at. The wheel stands about 4' tall and the orifice is a comfortable spinning height at 28" - equipped with twelve beautifully turned spokes, it comes with a threading hook (stores on the wheel!); distaff and flax cup; 4 - 6 oz. bobbins; and an attached 3 bobbin lazy kate. Standard whorl ratios are 7.6:1, 8.8:1, 9.9:1, 11:1, 12.1:1, and 13.2:1.  I recommend the smooth treadling of the double treadle (although it is available as a single treadle). Wheels come unfinished, although for an additional $150 Ken and Barbara will finish the wheel in a clear oil-based finish. Wheels are available as custom orders only and take approximately 8 weeks. Shipping is available for extra; or pick up here at our farm, no extra charge. Double treadle is $1,125 (unfinished) and $1,075 for single treadle (unfinished).  These wheels are an investment in fine furniture, designed to last several lifetimes, as were wheels of the past. These hand crafted wheels are truly a marriage of old world quality and charm with the fine tuned technology of today.
Pictured at left is the 30" Saxony "Patience" whose orifice to floor measurement is 26" - equipped with twelve turned spokes, included with the wheel is a threading hook (with storage on the base); a distaff and flax cup; 1 - 6 oz. bobbin; and has standard whorl ratios of: 10:1, 12:1, 13.5:1, 15:1, 16.5:1 and 18:1. Patience is made of red oak but can be custom ordered in Maple or Cherry for an additional charge). Patience comes unfinished, as do all of the Lennox wheels, so that you can apply your finish of preference, or you can have it finished with an oil-based finish for an additional $150.

The package price includes a Lazy Kate; 4 bobbins, large Niddy Noddy (2 yards), a small yarn guage, Nostepine and a stool with back. Single treadle is $1,021 (unfinished). A double treadle is available for $1,071 (unfinished).

Please allow at least 8 weeks for your custom made "Patience."

I have a floor model available here at the farm for spinners to try. It is made of black walnut.
My "Fiona" is here and available for you to test-spin. Contact to make an appointment to see this beautiful wheel.
At right is the 16" Traveler Wheel - "Bonnie."  Bonnie spins like a dream yet is lightweight and portable. It buckles right into the seat of the car for taking along to guild meetings and fiber events. Measures orifice to floor 29 1/2" and can come either single or double treadle. Generous bobbins hold 4 oz. of fiber and it comes with 3 whorls with ratios: 5.6:1; 6.4:1, 7.3:1, 8.0:1, 8.8:1, and 9.5:1. Three additional bobbins are included. Made out of beautiful cherry, the wheel comes unfinished for $600 double treadle and $550 single treadle. To have the wheel finished in an oil based finish, add $150.
I have a floor model in stock to try out or take with you. Allow at least 8 weeks for a custom ordered wheel.