Icelandic sheep:Yes, you can have it all:
                                 Meat, Fleece, Milk and ... conformation, productivity, prolificacy, and personality!
I want to dedicate this page to all of the wonderful
Icelandic sheep who have taught me how to be a

And I want to say a big Thank You to fellow
shepherd Gary Holcombe
(of Northern Maine
Icelandics) for raising the bar on quality through
the knowledge he has so generously shared on his
   It was with sadness that I learned of Gary's
decision to not breed Icelandic sheep at this time
(I am still hoping he will get back into it in the
near future)
. I am honored to have sheep of his
flock at my farm now and hope to carry on his
goal of producing quality Icelandic sheep.
   With Gary's permission, I am linking here to
the pages he so carefully put together that he
titled "
How Do Your Sheep Compare?" This
should serve as a pictorial lesson for all of us as
we strive to improve the conformation and
quality of the sheep we produce, based on the
standards of excellent that Iceland strives for.

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