October 2004
Daryl traveled to Iceland to meet with
our friends Brynhildur and Sibbi. At
far right is Daryl and left, Sibbi on
Borg Farm, Iceland.

We are grateful for their friendship and
want to publicly say "thank you" for
so generously showing Daryl their
piece of Iceland.

Brynhildur and Sibbi raise Icelandic
cattle, sheep, and dogs. We were
honored to be given the opportunity
to purchase the first dog that
Brynhildur has agreed to let come to
the US from her litter out of Hrifla and

So Daryl's "vacation" to Iceland was
the opportunity for me to say thank
you to a dear man who works so hard
for our family and puts up with our
own farm and animals, always
graciously supporting all of his wife's
"crazy" ideas. But it was also a trip to
bring back our new Icelandic
Stikla Run (pronounced
"Rune") and

In the bottom photo this page, Daryl
is working to coax Stikla Run to him.
They were already bonding nicely and
he was soon picking up Rodi from
Brynhildur's friend Magga Bara.

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