Detail at left is hand written No.VII and above is
Dryad Ltd. metal name plate.
The wheel spins beautifully. I took her to a demonstration at the Chippewa Nature Center
during the Fall Harvest Festival. It was so appropriate to demonstrate spinning on this wheel
because two of our Leicester Longwool rams reside at the Homestead Farm from April
through November. The rams are wonderful ambassadors for the breed, greeting thousands
of visitors each season.
Dryad Handicrafts
Leicester Spinning Wheel
Leicester, England
I was able to acquire this gorgeous antique wheel from a fellow spinner.
It is my understanding that these wheels were manufactured in the early 1900s as part of a
therapy program for wounded World War I soldiers. I have not been able to find out
more details so I would love to hear from anybody who may know more about these
spinning wheels.