March 15th. Maggie Mae was our
first Leicester ewe to lamb this year.
She produced a gorgeous ewe lamb
out of a completely new line from
Australia, a ram named "Tasman"
who was bred by Brenton
Heazlewood. We are very excited
about the opportunity to infuse our
flock with some unrelated genetics
from a well-known breeder with over 5
generations of Leicester Longwools
in his family. It was so nice to go out
of the house this morning and the first
sound I heard from the barn was a
lovely lamb voice talking to her mama.
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More lambs
March 16th. The 6:00am barn check found Ellen Wilson and her new ram lamb tucked
safely into a stall for privacy and quiet time. Thank goodness for that, because we had a
fierce thunderstorm last night with tons of rain, lightning and heavy winds. As you can see in
the photo above left, she is letting it be clear that she has everything under control, and
resented the intrusion! The sire is "Tasman" via Artificial Insemination. It's important to note
than when doing AI, it often skews a ewe's natural productivity, often getting singles, or
March 17th. Lulu delivered her AI twins (out of
Tasman) unassisted and is a very attentive mother.
There is a ram and a ewe lamb.
March 30th. We had done AI with
Abigail, but it did not "take" so the sire of
her lamb this year is Quincy. She had a
beautiful, big ewe lamb and both mama
and baby are doing great.
I just love my seasoned ewes who
don't need any help doing their yearly job!
April 9th. After a bit of a wait, we finally
have another Leicester lamb. Moonbeam
had a ewe lamb and she is a perfect mother;
the lamb's sire is Lenny.
April 10th. Even though the calender said
spring, the weather today was horrible - with
conditions ranging from freezing rain and sleet to
snow blizzards. Thankfully Adele was smart
enough to seek the shelter of the barn to have
her lamb safe and sound and warm and dry by
the time we go out in the morning.
Adele has a very nice ram lamb from Albert.