The puppies are
2 weeks old
--They are beginning to try to walk
instead of crawl.
--The eyes are just beginning
to open.
--They do not need to nurse as
often; if they are not nursing they
are sleeping. Because they are
already getting so big, they seem
to be nursing in shifts. I often see
Bella with four or five puppies
nursing and the rest a bit away, all
sleeping in their sweet
puppy pile-up.
--We all spend time holding
puppies and snuggling with them.
At left is my oldest daughter Amy
with the smallest male puppy.
You can tell she's in danger of
falling in love!
At right is my youngest daughter
Mikaela holding one of the two
female puppies. Below left is a
close up of that pup's face.
For photos at
18 days,
click here