Announcing our first litter of puppies from our
Sarplaninac livestock guardian dogs, Bella and Beck
b. January 5th, 2015
Bella was an amazing first time mom. We found her and the first puppy, who was dry and
nursing, at about 6a.m. in the nursery area we had prepared for her in the barn (near the
sheep paddock). With the weather dropping to -17 below zero (wind chill) that morning, we
moved Bella and the first puppy into my pottery studio where we had prepared a large
whelping box for her -- just in case the barn was too cold. By the end of the day on Monday,
roughly 11 hours later, Bella had all of her puppies, 7 males and 2 females. All were born
healthy and vigorous. The photo above shows Bella at the end of the day, one tired mama. We
are very proud of her.
Six puppies are spoken for; three would still be available.
Contact me for more information.
The following photos were taken when the puppies were 6 days old.
At left are two of the males. The
puppies are growing at a steady rate
and always content, either nursing or
Bella stays with her puppies pretty
much around the clock, but now she is
getting a bit longer walks a couple of
times a day because the puppies sleep
more contentedly, and she is more at
ease with leaving them for a short time.
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Puppies at 2 weeks