March 13th. After a lull in lambing, we had our first set of farm bred lambs today.
What a joy to go to the barn in 50 degrees instead of -10!
Betsy Ross has a ewe lamb
and a ram lamb out of Harris, a ram that we borrowed from our neighbor. The ewe
lamb is especially long bodied, which is a trait we really like to see, especially in the
ewes since it makes carrying and delivering their lambs easier.
March 14. Our lovely Jazzy (who has the best colored fleece I've
ever seen), had a lovely ewe lamb up and nursing when we went
into the barn this morning. The lamb's sire is Harris.
March 15. Lovely Margaret Taylor II delivered a sturdy and
vigorous ram lamb in the early hours this morning. Both are doing
great. Sire of the lamb is Fairfax.
March 15. Our lovely Bess presented us with a ewe lamb out of
Fairfax, also early this Sunday morning. Both lamb and mom are
doing great.
March 15. A morning for singles, but we are happy to have
healthy lambs and good mamas.
Liberty, a first time mom,
needed a bit of help getting her big ewe lamb delivered, but she
recovered well and she and baby are fine. The sire of this lovely,
and long bodied ewe lamb is Lenny.
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